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Heating Services in Lewisville, Texas

For a few weeks, every winter, Lewisville, Texas and the surrounding areas experience a few weeks of biting cold. Homeowners rely on their heating system to help keep themselves and their families warm. When your heating system experiences issues or completely breaks down, you are going to need a trusted team of HVAC specialists to help resolve the issue quickly, so that your family isn’t left out in the cold.

Select Air Conditioning & Heating has been providing reliable heating and cooling services to the residential and commercial clients of Lewisville, Texas, and the surrounding areas for over 27 years. It doesn’t matter if you have a gas or electric furnace in your home or you have a heat pump, our team knows every one of these units like the back of our hand. We run diagnostics on your unit, so we can pinpoint the cause of the problem and help make the necessary repairs.

We also offer replacement and new installation services, so that we can help you find the perfect unit for your home. Our technicians will properly install your new system and check to make sure everything is operating properly and smoothly. We then offer yearly routine maintenance services for your unit, helping to keep it running smoothly and your family warm.

Gas Furnace Repair and Installation Services in Lewisville, Texas

Gas furnaces are a trusty and reliable source of heating, which is why many homeowners in the Lewisville area make them a part of their homes. With low operating costs, reliable performance, and an incredible lifespan, a gas furnace can provide you with many years of heating.

As with all HVAC units, gas furnaces can run into the occasional problems due to wear and tear over the years. Select Air Conditioning & Heating HVAC team can help solve your gas furnaces issues and get it back up and running. We also offer routine maintenance services to help keep these issues at bay, helping you save money on repair costs and ensuring that your family is warm all winter long.

When it comes time to replace your gas furnace or you need to have a new one installed into a new home build, our team will be right there to help. Our technicians will help you find the perfect unit to fit your Lewisville home and get it properly set up so that you can come home to a nice toasty house.

Electric Furnace Repair and Installation Services in Lewisville, Texas

Electric furnaces are an alternative to their gas counterparts. Select Air Conditioning & Heating can help ensure that you have the right electric furnace for your Lewisville home and that it is running strong when it is cold out. We provide dependable electric furnace maintenance and repair services, working hard to keep your unit up and running and fixing any hiccups your unit may experience during its lifetime.

If your electric furnace needs to be replaced or you are looking to install a brand new unit into a new home build, you can trust that our team can help. Electric furnaces are a popular choice with many homeowners due to their low installation costs and ease of maintenance. If this sounds like the right unit for your home, contact our team today and schedule an appointment so that we can go over your options.

Dependable Heat Pump Services in Lewisville, Texas

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Heat pumps are an efficient way to heat and cool your Lewisville home. Unlike traditional heating and cooling systems that work separately to heat and cool your home’s air, heat pumps operate by moving hot and cold air into or out of your home, depending on your home’s needs.

Heat pumps are a great choice for homeowners, as they help cut down on utility costs. However, since a heat pump acts as both a heating and a cooling unit, it does work harder than traditional HVAC units, which means that investing in yearly routine maintenance is a must.

Select Air Conditioning & Heating are trained to install, maintain, and repair many different brands of heat pumps. We know what it takes to get the job done and we work quickly and efficiently to ensure that your heat pump can take care of you and your family. 

Residential Air Handler Services in Lewisville, Texas

For Lewisville homes that do not have a furnace, they typically have an air handler. Air handlers are designed to push hot and cold air through your home to create healthy air circulation, cutting down on hot and cold spots. When they break down, it can create uncomfortable hot or cold air pockets in your home. Our team of HVAC technicians can help repair, replace, or maintain your air handler unit so that it can continue to run strong all year long. We offer prompt services to ensure that your home stays comfortable and that any issues don’t turn into catastrophic disasters.

Lewisville Heating Services

From gas furnaces to air handlers, Select Air Conditioning & Heating can help you with all of your heating needs. We understand that your family is your top priority, and it is ours too, which is why we offer emergency heating services. We work hard so that your heating unit can help your family warm all winter long and provide maintenance service to ensure that your unit is working at its best, saving you money on utility and repair costs. Contact our team today for more information on our heating services or to schedule an appointment.