An HVAC technician working on a heat pump.

Heat Pump Services in Lewisville, Texas

Heat pumps are a unique heating and cooling system that is installed inside of a residential home, removing the need for a separate air conditioning and heating unit. Heat pumps operate by pulling heat from the outdoor air to heat the inside of the home or pushing hot air from inside of the home outside to help cool down the home, depending on the desired temperature.

Heat pumps are a great alternative to traditional HVAC units, allowing homeowners to have one unit to take care of both their heating and cooling needs. If you are looking to invest in a heat pump for a new home build or replace your older heating and cooling units, the team at Select AC & Heating can help! Here is more information on our heat pump services!

Heat Pump Installation and Replacement Services

Only certified professionals should be trusted to install a heat pump into your home due to the complexity of the machinery. Consulting a professional will allow you and your family to find the right type of unit for your home. They can also help you figure out where it should be placed, how the electrical connections should be put in, and provide maintenance services throughout the lifetime of your unit.

Select AC & Heating is committed to providing our team with the resources and encouragement to continue ongoing training to ensure that they are equipped with the best practices in the trade. Our team starts every service with a consultation so that we better understand your home’s heating and cooling needs to ensure we can help you make the best decision for your home.

Our team is also proud to provide replacement services for older heat pump units. We work with you to choose the best size and type of heat pump to match your needs, ensuring that it will continue to provide you with the perfect temperature all year round.

Heat Pump Maintenance Services

As with traditional HVAC units, heat pumps need annual maintenance to ensure the system is working to its full potential all year round and that tune-ups are performed when needed. Investing in maintenance can help keep your heat pump running strong throughout its lifetime, and reduce the risk of major malfunctions and the need for costly maintenance. It can also ensure that the electrical connections are secure, reducing the risk of an electrical fire or electrocution.

Heat Pump Repair Services

While maintenance services are the best way to reduce the risk of major malfunctions, sometimes issues arise due to the age of the machine or from the constant strain on moving parts. Select AC & Heating provides repair services for all heat pumps. We start each repair service with a diagnostics test, allowing us to get a better understanding of what is causing the heat pump to malfunction. Once we get an understanding of what is wrong, we then resolve the issue and test the unit, ensuring that the problem will not come back a second time.

Need Heat Pump Services?

If your heat pump is acting up, or you are looking to install a new unit, the homeowners of Lewisville, Texas, and the surrounding communities can rely on Select AC & Heating for help. Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an appointment!