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HVAC Services in Lewisville, Texas


Your HVAC unit is an extremely important part of your home. It helps keep the nasty chill of winter away and provides cooling comfort from the scorching heat of summer.

Newer units can increase the value of your home and routine maintenance can make even an older unit run like a champ. When it comes to finding a trusted team of HVAC technicians to help you with your HVAC needs, there is no better team to put your trust in than the one at Select Air Conditioning & Heating.

Our staff of HVAC technicians understands how miserable a home can get when it is either too hot or too cold, which is why we work hard to make sure that your home feels just right.

We offer a wide range of services such as HVAC installation, HVAC maintenance, and HVAC repair services. Here is more information on our services:

Fix Your Faulty HVAC System Fast

Select Air Conditioning and Heating offer HVAC repair services in Lewisville, TX, and surrounding areas. We have the equipment and experience needed to repair:

Clogged filters
Mechanical wear and tear
Pilot and ignition control issues
Thermostat problems
Blown fuses
Dirty condensers
Leaky systems

Reach out to us right away with any questions about our HVAC system repair services.

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New HVAC Installation or Replacement Services in Lewisville, Texas


Ready to replace your outdated HVAC system? Or perhaps you are building a brand new home and need a trusted team to install your HVAC unit. Whatever the case, the team at Select Air Conditioning & Heating will be there for you. We offer the latest energy-efficient HVAC units on the market and all of them meet American Standards, keeping your energy bills low.

Our team starts each new installation or replacement service with an inspection of your home or commercial building. This helps us suggest units based on your building’s needs. Here are the different units our team can bring:

  • Ductwork for central air conditioning units
  • Mini-split systems
  • Central packaged systems
  • Geothermal heat pumps
  • Gas furnaces
  • Electric furnaces

Not Sure If Your Unit Needs to Be Replaced?

You should replace your heating or cooling unit if any of the following is true:

  • Your unit is more than 15 years old
  • Your unit is causing a large amount of dust to build up in your home
  • Your unit is making loud noises that keep returning even after repairs
  • Your unit is constantly breaking down

If you are looking to install a new HVAC unit or think you need a replacement, contact our team right away to schedule an inspection and/or new installation services.

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Extending the Life of Your HVAC System With Routine Maintenance


Routine maintenance is the best way to protect your HVAC unit from premature failure and expensive repairs. At Select Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer an air conditioning and heating maintenance contract that guarantees our team will come out twice a year to make sure your unit is in working order. This helps us catch any signs of an issue and stop them before they can snowball into larger problems. We also perform preventative maintenance such as fine-tuning, ductwork cleaning, and filter replacement. Here is a full list of what each maintenance service looks like:

  • Change filters
  • Refill coolant
  • Adjust the fan belts
  • Remove debris and clean the exterior of your system
  • Inspect cleaning valves, compressors, and coil to ensure that there are no problems
  • Full unit inspection

Interested in prolonging the life of your unit and reducing your energy bills? Sign up for Select Air Conditioning & Heating’s HVAC maintenance program today!

Need HVAC Repairs? Select Air Conditioning & Heating Can Help!

Don’t let a faulty HVAC unit leave your home uncomfortable. Sitting in a home or business that is too hot or too cold is not only miserable, but it can also be debilitating, decreasing productivity or the ability to enjoy time with your family or friends. Beat the heat or chase away the cold with HVAC repair services from Select Air Conditioning & Heating such as:

  • Clearing out clogged filters
  • Repairing mechanical wear and tears
  • Fixing pilot and ignition control issues
  • Replacing or repairing faulty thermostats
  • Replacing blown fuses
  • Cleaning dirty condensers
  • Patching leaky air ducts
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