Commercial HVAC Services in Lewisville, Texas

Your business relies heavily on its HVAC system to keep your building at the right temperature which keeps your customers and employees happy. With over 27 years of experience, Select Air Conditioning & Heating has proudly served our commercial clients in Lewisville, Texas, for all their commercial HVAC needs.

From inspections to new installation services, we make sure your business stays at the optimal temperature to boost productivity and keep your customers happy. Don’t let a faulty HVAC unit hurt your commercial business. Instead, contact the trusted HVAC specialists at Select Air Conditioning & Heating today. 

New Commercial HVAC System Installation Services

Lewisville is no stranger to the unrelenting heat of Texas summers and the few weeks of the brisk cold of winter. Your commercial HVAC system is responsible for keeping your commercial business at the right temperature no matter the time of year.

Without it, your building can become stuffy and uncomfortable, whether it’s sweltering like a sauna or filled with a bone-cold chill. When choosing a new commercial HVAC unit for a new build or a replacement unit for an older one, it is important to choose the right type of system to meet your business’s needs.

Select Air Conditioning & Heating HVAC Specialists can help you find and install the perfect HVAC unit for your business. All of our commercial HVAC units are designed to be able to handle the changing conditions of the temperatures outside and inside of your building.

When we help you choose the right HVAC unit for your building, we consider the size of your building, the age and condition of your ductwork, and your budget to make sure you get the perfect HVAC unit for you. Once we finish the installation process, you can rest assured that our team will stick by your side, servicing your HVAC unit for years to come for HVAC maintenance and repair as needed.

Commercial Ductwork Repair and Replacement Services

Ductwork is an important part of your commercial building as it serves as the travel way for your building’s conditioned air. When leaks or blockages plague your ductwork, your conditioned air can collect in certain parts of your building, leading to uncomfortable hot and cold spots.

Leaks and blockages can also contribute to air quality issues within your commercial building, creating difficulties for individuals with allergies or respiratory issues. If not fixed soon enough, these air quality problems can lead to an uncomfortable and hazardous work environment for employees and customers. 

Select Air Conditioning & Heating is proud to offer commercial ductwork repair and replacement services. We work hard to locate the exact source of the problem, whether it is dirty air ducts, a leak, or blockages that are stopping your HVAC unit from performing at its best.

Our team then works to remedy the issues, whether that means we need to patch your air ducts, replace weakened sections, or perform a thorough air duct cleaning. No matter what the problem, you can trust our HVAC Specialists to quickly find the solution and get your unit back to its best. 

Commercial HVAC Repair Services

When your commercial HVAC unit malfunctions, a wide multitude of problems could be the root of the issue. Whether it is an AC refrigerant leak, a faulty blower, or even poor wiring, the end result is still your building suffering from hot and cold spikes, increased energy bills, and unhappy customers and employees.

Your trusted team at Select Air Conditioning & Heating will get your HVAC unit back on track with our unparalleled repair services. All of our services are backed up by a thorough inspection of your unit to ensure that there are no further issues that can affect the performance of your unit.

commercial ac unit on roof

Commercial HVAC Maintenance Services

Routine maintenance on your HVAC unit is the best way to ensure that it serves your business to the best of its abilities throughout its lifetime. Commercial HVAC units are no stranger to constant wear and tear, and giving your unit the support it needs can make the difference between a slight issue and a complete breakdown.

Select Air Conditioning & Heating has been serving the commercial customers of Lewisville, TX, for all of their HVAC maintenance needs. Whether you need a routine cleaning of your unit, a ductwork inspection for leaks, or a refrigerant recharge, you can trust that our team will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Need a Commercial HVAC Service to Keep Your Business at the Right Temperature?

Our mission is to provide all of our clients with the best possible service so that their HVAC system can support the hard-working men and women who rely on your business. No matter what type of business you have, ensuring that your building has clean and comfortable air to work or shop in is an important part of the comfort and success of your business.

Contact Select Air Conditioning & Heating today for more information on our high-quality commercial HVAC services. We offer new installations, repair, and maintenance services for all of our commercial clients in Lewisville, Texas, and the surrounding areas.

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