An HVAC specialist installing air ducts into a new home build.

Air Duct Cleaning & Repair Services

One of the most essential parts of an HVAC unit is the air duct. Air ducts act as the roadways conditioned air uses to reach different parts of a home. Without healthy, functioning air ducts, a home’s conditioned air may collect into pockets, leaving some areas cold and others hot. The result? Overworked HVAC systems. This is why poor air duct health is a leading factor in rising energy costs. 

Thankfully, air duct maintenance isn’t as extensive as the other areas of your heating and cooling system. Air ducts should be properly cleaned and checked for leaks at least once a year. This ensures that air can travel smoothly through ductwork, promoting healthy indoor air quality and keeping your home at the desired temperature.

When it comes to air duct maintenance, repair, and installation services in Lewisville, Texas, residents and businesses alike can rely on the dependable team at Select Air Conditioning & Heating. Our team works hard to ensure that your entire air duct system is in excellent health, provides unparalleled cleaning services, and searches for leaks to repair them quickly. Learn more about our air duct services.

Air Duct Cleaning Services in Lewisville, Texas

Whether you are running your heater or air conditioner, your air ducts are hard at work circulating conditioned air around your home. You should always feel confident that the air being circulated through your home is clean and fresh. A dirty air duct negatively affects your air quality, making it dusty and stale. 

Select Air Conditioning & Heating offers unparalleled air duct cleanings to all homes and businesses in Lewisville, Texas. Our professionals take their time, clearing out any dirt, grime, and debris that could have become caught in your air ducts over time. If you have been putting off your air duct cleaning, don’t wait any longer and contact our team today!

Clean Air Ducts Contribute to Better Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is extremely important for the health of your family or business. Cleaning air ducts and changing air filters regularly reduces allergens such as dust and pet hair from the air. This promotes healthy breathing, lowers the aggravation of allergies, and leads to an overall healthier respiratory system.

Ductwork Repair Services in Lewisville, Texas

Ductwork is designed to last your home for a long time, typically between 10-15 years. However, over time, your ductwork can suffer from significant wear and tear, leading to leaks and higher utility bills.

Select Air Conditioning & Heating provides thorough air duct leak detection and repair services. Whether you need a quick patch or partial ductwork replacement, rest assured that our team has the right solution.

Air Duct Installation and Replacement Services in Lewisville, Texas

Installing and replacing an air duct system in a home is a huge job. It is important to ensure that the team working on your air duct system is reliable, knowledgeable, and certified to take on the task. Ductwork is usually hidden in the basement, under floors, or in the garage of a home, meaning that great care has to be taken to protect your home’s integrity.

Select Air Conditioning & Heating works with carefully trained hands to complete air duct installation and replacement without a hitch. We always double-check our work before leaving and offer routine maintenance to ensure your air ducts will last for years to come.

High-Quality Air Duct Services You Can Trust

Select Air Conditioning & Heating are proud to support the residential and commercial clients of Lewisville, Texas, and the surrounding areas with all of their air duct needs. Contact our team for more information on our services or to schedule an appointment!