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Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement Services in Lewisville, Texas

Air conditioning has become an integral part of Texas’s residential and commercial buildings. With the harsh North Texas summer heat, air conditioning provides much-needed relief from the high outdoor temperatures and helps keep you and your family or coworkers healthy. When you’re building a new home or your older unit has finally reached the end of its life, you need to install a new unit.

When that time comes, you can trust that the experienced HVAC technicians from Select Air Conditioning & Heating will be here to help! Our team has been supporting the city of Lewisville, Texas, and the surrounding communities with their unparalleled HVAC services since 1994.

Our team has experience installing several brands of central air conditioning units and can help install more modern air conditioning solutions, such as ductless mini-splits. When it is time to install a new unit or replace an older one, there is no better team to call than Select Air Conditioning & Heating.

HVAC Services

New Air Conditioning Installation Services

A lot of homeowners are unsure of what they are looking for when deciding on the best air conditioning unit for their home. With so many brands, sizes, and types to choose from, it can be a bit daunting. The experts at Select Air Conditioning & Heating can help you choose the best unit for your new home.

We know that finding the perfect size air conditioner for your space is extremely important. A unit that’s too big can lead to moisture problems and mold growth; too small, and your home will have uneven cooling and higher energy bills.

Once we find the perfect unit for your home’s needs and your budget, you can trust that we will install it with great care to ensure everything runs smoothly. From installing new ductwork for a brand new central air conditioner in a new home to setting up the different heads for the ductless mini-split, your home will have cool air in no time!

Air Conditioning Replacement Services

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Even with routine HVAC maintenance, there comes a natural end to the life of your air conditioning unit and when that time comes, it needs to be replaced.

If your air conditioning unit is functioning, it still may be experiencing some minor but regular problems and may not be cooling your home adequately to avoid hot and cold pockets throughout the home.

If this isn’t the case, older units are not as energy efficient as newer models and you may be paying a lot of money on your energy costs that could be easily recouped by installing an older unit.

With all of these factors to take into consideration, it might be time to install a new cooling system in your home.

When you are looking at replacement units, you do not necessarily have to invest in your home’s previous brand. You can change brands or even change units, going from a central air conditioning unit to a ductless mini-split if that makes more sense for your home.

Should your air conditioner be beyond repair, our team can help you find a replacement HVAC system that is energy-efficient and allows you to recover the money for your investment in the long run by saving you money on energy costs. No matter what type of unit you need, you can trust that the team from Select Air Conditioning & Heating can help you find and install the perfect solution for your home.

A/C Installation and Replacement Services You Can Trust

Air conditioning is an extremely important part of your home, especially given our hot Texas summer, not only for its overall value but also for your family’s health.

Whether you are thinking of selling your older home and need a replacement to help boost the home’s value, you are looking to replace an older unit for better energy efficiency, or you are building your forever home, our team will be there for you. We offer the best products in the Heating and Cooling industry and use only the most trusted practices. 

Our team can help remove and dispose of your old AC system and install a brand new unit that will keep your home cool all summer long.

We make sure that all of your new ductwork is installed properly and is connected to the thermostat so your new unit gets up and running. We double-check all of our work to help ensure that there are no hidden issues before we leave, and you can rest easy knowing that the Texas heat will stay outside.

Contact our team today for more information on our air conditioning installation and replacement services or to schedule an appointment.

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