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You Can Be Comfortable When Using Select Air

6712  541A0397At Select Air, we want should be comfortable with the services that we provide. It doesn't matter if you're using our air conditioning service, heating services or even if we are putting insulation in your home, there are reasons why you can trust what we have to offer. This is not only seen in our insurance coverage, which is far greater than the minimum established by the state, it is also seen in the fact that we are a family-owned business. Yes, we have been operating our family-owned and operated Lantana air conditioning business in the area for many years. What can we do as a result which will make you a happy customer?

First of all, you can always trust the fact that when you use our professional service, it will be given to you in a personalized way. We are not a large corporation that is always distant from the needs of our customers. We understand that you are interested in making your family comfortable in your home and we are in business to do that as well. We even provide emergency services for our customers who may have their heat or air conditioning go out at an inopportune time. Understanding that this is not only an inconvenience but at times, maybe a matter of concern because of the health of the family is something that we are well aware of.

A Look at Our Service

Our family-owned business has a great reputation throughout our operating area. As a matter of fact, we have a high rating with the Better Business Bureau, due to the fact that we have positive feedback from our customers. In addition, we won an award in 2013 because of high level of commitment to the customer as is seen on Angie's list. Of course, it is not necessary for you to only trust the fact that those organizations have a high regard for our service, we are interested in making you a happy customer as well.

You also will appreciate the options that are provided to you as a customer. We understand that there are differences in what is necessary from one home to another, even if they have the exact same configuration. We look at each customer as an individual and we take care of the individual needs of you and your family in that regard. If you have any questions or if you would like a free quote on the services that we provide, we would be happy to provide it for you. Call us today for more information.

Efficiency effects of a dirty condenser

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A Look at the Energy Efficiency of a Dirty Condenser

Call us - we'll clean your condenserThere are many issues that need to be considered for your home HVAC system. When you are running your air conditioner regularly, you are using the air compressor. Obviously, you would want this part to be running at peak efficiency at any given time. Over the course of time, condensers can become dirty and when that occurs, you may end up with a reduced efficiency for the entire unit. It can also have an effect on the unit by putting strain on the condenser, shortening the lifespan and resulting in a greater likelihood for product failure. This is not only an issue that costs you money on a monthly basis, it is something that can cost you a considerable outlay of money, if your unit fails.

The condenser is part of the air-conditioning system that has a number of different functions. Included among those functions are super heating, sub-cooling and condensing. The super heating is the process in which high pressure, superheated vapors that come from the discharge line are prepared for condensation. The condenser needs to bring those superheated vapors down to condensing temperature. Condensation is the next part of the process and during this part, the refrigerant vapor is condensed into liquid. The final phase is sub-cooling, which lowers the liquid temperature to evaporator temperature.

What Happens When Your Condenser Gets Dirty?

When you have a problem with a dirty or blocked condenser, it can cause efficiency issues that will end up costing you money. One of the reasons why that is the case is because there is less heat transfer that is able to take place from the refrigerant. This means that heat will begin to accumulate inside of the condenser, causing the condenser temperature to rise.

Of course, it is not really necessary for you to understand all of the efficiency effects of a dirty condenser. What is necessary for you to understand is the fact that, unless you have a clean condenser, it is going to end up costing you money. It is going to run more frequently, increasing your energy bill and will also strain the unit, shortening its lifespan. This is something that we understand at Select Air, so do we do what is necessary to ensure that your unit is up and operating efficiently at any given time.

If you would like more information about our air-conditioning service or how we can set up a scheduled service routine for your home or place of business, you can call us. We would be happy to describe the various options that are available, and how you can continue to enjoy an efficient unit for many years to come.

by Bill Grote

Efficiency effects of a dirty evaporator coil

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The Efficiency Effects of a Dirty Evaporator Coil

new evaporator coilOne of the primary concerns for any homeowner is having everything on their property running at the smoothest level possible. This not only helps to reduce the possibility that a breakdown could occur in whatever equipment is being considered, it may also help them to save money. After all, it is only when something is running at peak efficiency that you are going to see the efficiency carry over into financial savings. One of the ways in which this may be seen is through your HVAC unit. If you are not keeping the evaporator coils clean, you are reducing the efficiency of the unit and can end up costing yourself money, both in the short term and in the long term.

In order for you to have your evaporator coils cleaned professionally, you can trust the services of Select Air. We are more than a Grapevine air conditioning repair service, we offer continued service to our customers on a scheduled basis. When we come to your home, we will check the unit carefully, clean the evaporator coils and ensure that the drain line is clear. This will help to reduce the amount that you are spending on energy every month and will also help to extend the life of the unit. Our periodic service can also help to reduce the possibility that damage would occur to your home, due to the fact that the drain line is operating properly.

The Effect of Dirty Evaporator Coils

Dirty evaporator coils can cause problems for the entire unit. When they are dirty, it can reduce the cooling capacity of the unit by up to 40%. In some cases, you may find that your unit is running on a continual basis and is struggling to keep up with the heat inside of the home. At times, this may be due to dirty evaporator coils. An additional issue that can be directly related to the evaporator coils is a reduction in compressor power. With dirty evaporator coils, it may be possible that the compressor power is reduced by up to 7%.

All of the issues that are associated with the evaporator coils being unnecessarily dirty can result in issues for you, as the homeowner. Not only is it going to drop your energy efficiency by up to 35%, it can also reduce the lifespan of the unit. You may be paying more money every month because of the lower efficiency and end up with a large repair or replacement bill much sooner than is necessary. If you would like more information on our services and how we can help to save you money, contact Select Air today. One of our friendly professionals would be happy to assist you.

by Bill Grote

Continuing Education for new products

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We Are Up-To-Date on What We Offer to You

New servicesIn the HVAC industry, things change on a regular excess. Although much of the work that we do is the same from one property to another, there are constantly improvements that are being made in the equipment that is available to you as the consumer. In addition, there may be installation techniques and various code adjustments that take place regularly. It is important for the HVAC company you use to stay up-to-date on those changes. Not only will help to ensure the fact that your equipment is installed properly, it will also make a difference in the safety of its continued operation. When you use Select Air as your Flower Mound air conditioning repair service, you can be sure that we are up-to-date on the latest information.

The reason why that is the case is because we attend continuing education classes on a regular basis that will allow us to be up-to-date on any new products that are available. These educational classes occur in a number of different ways and they are important to our industry, as well as to you as the consumer. By attending seminars and getting the education necessary, we have become a top resource in the HVAC industry. We pass our knowledge on to you, providing you with the professional resources that you need so that you can be comfortable with what we have to offer.

Benefits of Our Continuing Education

Not only can continuing education help us with any new equipment that may be available, it also allows us to maintain our professionalism in other ways as well. At the seminars, a lot of information is learned about the HVAC industry outside of the new products that are available. We are constantly honing our craft and ensuring that we offer the most professional services in the Dallas Metroplex. That is why, when you call us, you are calling a company that is not only licensed and insured, we have the backing of many of our happy customers. This can be seen in our top ratings through the Better Business Bureau and in our 2013 award through Angie's list.

It doesn't matter if you are a homeowner looking for air-conditioning services or if you need a heating system installed at your place of business, Select Air can provide it for you. Give us a call today and we can talk to you about your project and the options that may be available. This is not only to ensure you that you have the best product and service on the market, it is to provide you with a level of professionalism that you will not find elsewhere.

by Bill Grote

Angies List Super Service Award for 2013

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Our Angie's List Super Service Award for 2013

angies-list-super-service-2013When you use Select Air as your Lantana air conditioning company, you can trust the fact that we have your best interest in mind. This is not only seen in the fact that we are licensed, insured and well-liked within the community, it is seen in our Angie's list rating. Angie's list is a popular online service where people can go review information about contractors to decide which one is the best choice for use in their home. We not only have a high rating with the Better Business Bureau, we also have won the Angie's list super service award in 2013. This recognition is not given out on a whim, as a matter of fact, there are only 4% of companies in any industry that are going to receive this recognition.

Why should you trust the information that is available on Angie's list when deciding which contractor to use? One of the main reasons why you can trust the service is because they are backed by many of the customers who actually use the contractors that are recommended. The rating that we received is from our customers and we take our responsibility to the customer very seriously. We are proud of our reputation and the fact that our family-owned business is able to take care of you in a professional way while at the same time, offering you personalized service which many of our customers have come to expect.

What Services Do We Offer?

Aside from the fact that we offer air-conditioning and heating services, we are also interested in the air quality in your home. We can offer a variety of options to our customers to ensure that they are breathing easily and that any allergy problems are at a minimum inside in the home. This may be seen with the installation of UV lights or perhaps a filtration system that will take care of the house. Of course, we always look at the specific needs of our customers because we recognize that they are different, from one home to another.

There is no need for you to wonder about the services that we provide. You can check out our Angie's list super service award and the ratings that are available, as well as looking at our top rating through the Better Business Bureau. We want to do what is necessary to make you and your family comfortable and we want to have you as a more than satisfied customer. Why not contact us today? We can provide you with the services that you need and help you, both in the way of comfort and in the way of being comfortable with having us on your property.

by Bill Grote


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You can trust Select Air because we are insured

Rusted Drain Pan potential concern for water damageWhen a contractor comes to your home, one of the considerations in order to be comfortable with the services that they provide is the availability of insurance. In the state of Texas, a licensed and legally operating contractor must carry a minimum amount of 100,000 dollars of insurance per incident. Bear in mind, that is the minimum amount but at Select Air, we want to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible. Although we do everything within our power to offer professional service on a personal level, it is still important for us to have insurance which not only covers our needs, it covers the needs of the homeowner as well. Rather than sticking with the minimum of 100,000 dollars per incident, we carry 1,000,000 dollars' worth of insurance. That is because we want to make sure that you are comfortable with what we have to provide.

In addition to being insured much more than the state minimum, we also are licensed by the Texas Department of licensing and regulation. This further helps to provide proof of our professionalism and the fact that we have the experience to provide you with what is necessary for the needs of your home and family.

A look at our insured services

Regardless of whether you are a homeowner or if you are a business looking for heating and air-conditioning, you can trust the fact that we are your Corinth air conditioning service that provides you with professionalism. Something else that we offer to our customers is the availability of blown insulation. We do what is necessary to ensure the comfort of the families that are under our care. Regardless of the time of year or the situation, we also provide emergency services to ensure that your system is up and running, even if there is a problem at an inopportune moment.

You will also enjoy knowing that our services are well-liked by those in the area as well. That is how we were able to earn an A rating with the Better Business Bureau and additional high ratings through Angie's list. We pride ourselves on being able to take care of our customers and to look at their needs as individuals, giving them options which will help to make them comfortable and fit within their budget.

If you would like more information on our heating or air-conditioning services, you can call us today. We would be happy to assist you with additional information or with a free quote. You can always trust the fact that when you use Select Air, you're using somebody that is not only insured, we have your best interest in mind.

Licensed with TDLR

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At Select Air, we are licensed with the TLDR

6712  541A0397When you have a contractor come to your home, is important to ensure that they are professionals as well as having all of the licensing that is necessary to prove that they are legally operating in the state. When you use Select Air, your Grapevine air conditioning repair service, you are using a company that is fully licensed with the Texas Department of licensing and regulation (TLDR). Of course, there are many benefits that are available to the homeowner as a result of the fact that you are hiring a licensed contractor. What are some of those benefits that should be considered?

One of the factors that should always be considered when hiring a contractor is their ability to provide you with professional service. In order to be licensed with the TLDR, we must have the experience and the professionalism that is necessary to carry that license. Of course, many people try to get around this issue because they want to be charged less for the services that are provided. The fact of the matter is, however, if you are not using a TLDR licensed contractor to provide you with your AC and heating service, you could end up spending a lot more money. After all, it is unlikely that they are going to be covered by the proper amount of insurance and most of them are here today, gone tomorrow.

Beyond our license - why you should use Select Air

Aside from the fact that we are properly licensed, there are many other reasons why you can trust Select Air for your air-conditioning and heating services. First of all, we have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, due to the fact that we have much positive feedback from our customers. In addition, we have a very high rating with Angie's list, which is difficult to achieve unless you offer excellent service.

We have been operating our family-owned business in the Flower Mound and Grapevine area for many years. We offer professional service with a personalized twist, because we understand what is often needed by our customers who want to keep their families happy and comfortable. When you contact us about our heating or air-conditioning service, you can be sure that we will provide you with that service in the way that you need. It can allow you to be comfortable, even if the services are needed in an emergency.

If you want more information about our services and what we can do for you and your family, you can contact us on the telephone. We would be happy to discuss your situation and what we can do to ensure your comfort within your budget.


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Our Warrantees Offered on New Installs

warranty workOne of the concerns for many homeowners that are having air-conditioning work done is in regards to the quality of the work that is done. When you contact Select Air, you can be sure that you are using a quality Lantana air conditioning company that will take care of all of your needs. Not only are we confident in our ability to install the equipment in your home professionally, we offer a 10 year warranty on both parts and labor when it comes to the new installation of the system. This offers you a number of different benefits.

First of all, it is only because of our confidence in our ability to provide you with professional service that we are able to make the offer of this 10 year warranty. When we come to your home to install any air conditioning or heating units, we use quality products and we are well known in the area for the quality service that we provide as well. Of course, there are times when products may have a manufacturing defect, and that is not something we are able to prevent. You have the peace of mind, however, of knowing that if any products do happen to fail, you have 10 years to call us and we will come to your home to fix the issue, under the terms of our warranty.

A Look beyond Our Warranty

Although you certainly can take a lot of comfort in the fact that we offer a 10 year warranty on parts and labor, there are also many other things to consider when using our professional service. First of all, we are a family-owned and operated business and we are well known in the area for providing professional, personal service. Secondly, we can also care for your needs in an emergency situation, if one should happen to arise. The summers can get rather hot in the area, as I'm sure you're well aware. There are times when the air-conditioning may go out in the home or even if the heating system should go on in the wintertime, we can do what is necessary to get it up and running as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions about the air-conditioning or heating services that we offer, you can call us today. We will discuss your personal situation and the needs of your family in order to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. We will also review the warranty with you, providing you with the peace of mind that is necessary to have the work done by our professional service. Call us today for more information or for a free quote on the services that you need.

Hail Storms and Outdoor Condensing Units

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The damage that hailstorms can cause to outdoor condensing units

There are many different types of storms that can cause damage to the home. These include windstorms and thunderstorms. One of the more damaging types of storms that can wreak havoc on the home, however, is a hailstorm. In some cases, this is not only going to cause visible damage to the home, including the outdoor condensing unit, it can also cause problems that are not immediately recognizable. Here are some of the issues that can occur with your outdoor condensing unit when a hailstorm has occurred.

It is true that much of the damage that occurs to the condensing unit is going to be visible. By doing a visible inspection, you will see that the damage is obvious and any repairs are going to be obvious as well. This is especially true with the coils that are on many outdoor condensing units. They may become damaged and when that occurs, your unit is not going to be operating efficiently and may even lose some of its lifespan. It is true that the coils, in some cases, are going to be able to be combed out but that is not always the case. In certain hailstorms and with certain HVAC units, you may end up having to replace the entire unit because the damage is extensive. It is interesting to note, that may be covered under storm damages with your insurance company if it is files properly.

When a hailstorm occurs -call an HVAC technician

If you have a hailstorm in your area, do not wait to call a technician to inspect your HVAC system. You could be running the system and although it may be heating or cooling your home at this time, damage inside of the unit may end up taking its toll. This can be quite expensive but on the other hand, having some minor repairs done that occurred as a result of the hailstorm is going to end up being less expensive. It is always a good idea for you to have the system checked immediately after the hailstorm occurs. Not only can it help to rule out any extensive problems that may exist, it can help to keep your AC up and running when the temperature gets hot.

by Bill Grote

Insurance – how much does your contractor carry?

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Installation techniques 020If you're going to have somebody working at your home, it is very important for you to ensure that they carry the right amount of insurance. This is especially true when you are having someone work on your HVAC unit, as they may be working both inside and outside of the home on the same day. The fact the matter is, there are multiple types of insurance the can be carried by the contractor and you should make sure that they have those insurances available before they begin doing any work in your home. Not only is it going to help you to avoid some of the mishaps that could occur if they do not carry insurance, it also can helps you to have a good idea of the type of business that they are running. Here is some specific information about the insurance that they should be carrying.

One important type of insurance that should be carried by your HVAC contractor is liability insurance. This type of insurance will cover you, as well as the house, if there should happen to be any problems that occur when they are at the home. The type of liability insurance that they have may differ from one contractor to another and if you have any concerns, you can check into this in advance. You should ensure that they are covered for any damage that occurs in the home while they are there.

The importance of workers compensation insurance

You should also check to see if your HVAC contractor is carrying workers compensation insurance. If they have any technicians that are working in your home which are hired by their company, they need to be responsible for any injuries or problems that occur with the individual while they are in your home. Workers compensation is going to be the type of insurance that covers them in that instance. It is important to note, if they do not carry Worker's Compensation insurance, you may end up being responsible for some or all of the expenses that occur due to the injury of the technician. That is not always the case, but it is something that should be considered when hiring a contractor.

by Bill Grote

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