The benefits of HVAC dampers

damper roundThere are issues that can occur when you are trying to heat or cool the home throughout the year. One of the biggest issues that often takes place is one that many people try to ignore but it is often one that is easily fixed. When you contact Select Air as your Corinth air conditioning service, we will do what is necessary to ensure your improved comfort throughout the home. What is the issue that often needs to be corrected and how can it be corrected through the use of dampers?

In many cases, the HVAC system in the home is controlled by a centralized thermostat. That thermostat is usually located in a main area of the home, such as the living room. Since that single thermostat is used to control the temperature throughout the house, there may be problem rooms, where the air temperature is hotter or colder than what is necessary for your comfort. In many cases, those problem rooms exist in the far reaches of the home, such as a back bedroom or study. The issue can be corrected when you use dampers. How are they able to handle this type of a problem?

How Dampers Work for Your Comfort

A damper is a relatively simple system that consists of either a plate or a valve that regulates the airflow that occurs within the duct system. When used properly, it is able to regulate the flow throughout the duct system and can increase the flow, when necessary, to the rooms that would otherwise be a problem. In some cases, dampers may be operated manually. If you recognize that one of the rooms in the far corner of the home is at an uncomfortable temperature, you can adjust the damper which will make a difference in that temperature. At other times, there may be sensors that are associated with the dampers which can automatically regulate the flow of air to control the comfort of those far rooms. This can be done through the use of a thermostat, which is located in those rooms.

Of course, the use of dampers is only one of the ways that we can ensure your comfort. When we come to your home to do any air conditioning or heating services, we make sure that the services are customized to the needs of you and your family. We have a reputation in the area of providing excellent service and we want to ensure that you receive that service as well. That is why you can contact us for more information about the air-conditioning and heating services that we offer and what we can do to ensure that your family is comfortable in your home.

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