July 2012 026Select Air Conditioning & Heating began to offer Attic Insulation as a service because our owner and lead technician has seen a high demand for this throughout his 18 year career as air conditioning & heating technician. We are always looking for different solutions that save our customer money and make their home or office more comfortable. On numerous occasions Bill has been called to a home where the owner is complaining of insufficient air conditioning. The homeowner's unit was working as good as possible, there was nothing that the technician could do to improve its performance without spending thousands of dollars and completely replacing the unit. Even with a NEW unit, we could not guarantee the inside temperatures that the homeowner was wishing for especially since the temperature outside were well over 100 degrees. Depending on the age of the property and quality of the builder, most of the time the problem could be solved with additional attic insulation. This solution is cost effective in many ways, but also is what is best for our environment by reducing the amount of gas and electricity being used. Usually the idea insulation amount or R-value can be achieved at a 10th of the cost of a new air conditioning unit and can up to 32% on energy bills.

Benefits of Attic Insulation also include:

  • Keeps your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter
  • Fixes "problem" rooms in a building (rooms that are always too hot or too cold)
  • Reduces your energy bills
  • Increases the lifespan of your air conditioner / furnace
  • Sound control - improves noise control by contributing to good sound transmission class (STC)

attic-insulation cost savingsSelect has also used this fiberglass insulation service to assist with certain rooms in a house that are constantly warmer or cooler than the rest of the house. For example a master bedroom located on the west side of a property was constantly getting hit with the sun as it set in the evenings. This caused the room to seem extra warm at night as compared to the rest of the house. Additional insulation applied specifically to that room helped keep that room consistently cooler even though it does get the direct sun in the evenings. The homeowner is very excited because that is now the "coolest room in the house".

How does Select Air Conditioning's insulation work?

Air becomes trapped between glass fibers which make them good for insulation. Traditionally, glass is known as a poor conductor of thermal heat energy, and the trapped air creates a barrier that acts as insulation. This combination inhibits heat transfer by conduction therefore making your home warmer or cooler depending on your thermostat settings and extending the life of your HVAC units.

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